“The Psycho-Boogie Sounds of the Modern Throwbacks” EP

Six riff-rockin’ bebop knockin’ blues-punk hits from quite possibly the “next Big Thing” to come out of Minneapolis, Billy ‘The Jack’ and the Modern Throwbacks! “The Psycho-Boogie Sounds” is the sound of the Modern Throwbacks, with Arrow Clamons on guitar and Jennie Olson on Bass, along with Billy ‘The Jack’ on drums and lead vocals.

1. Get Out of My Way
2. Four ‘Gets’ Boogie
3. I Don’t Wanna Die
4. Only All Just a Little Bit of Rock and Roll
5. Back Seat Baby
6. Shake Baby Blues

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Liner Notes:

The top was down and the music was blasting. The lush, wind-driven snow streaked though Billy ‘The Jack”s hair as he flew down the empty black-top at one-hundred-ten-per. Wynonie Harris was shouting the blues through plastic speakers, distorted by the rust-bucket’s shimmy shake. Goose the throttle just right, and the knocking of the rods swung in time to the bebop beat. Once the rhythms were there, the tinny horn section shot through, becoming like an alien sounding AC-DC riff.

Jam the brakes!

Cut the engine!

Turn off the jams!


inspiration: … riff heavy guitars and hard rockin’ be-bop rhythms; fantastic stories sung with blues-shouted gusto–“The Psycho-Boogie Sounds of the Modern Throwbacks”!

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