Modern Throwback Rhythm and Verse

The digital age is fine and all, but some cats like those extras that came with record albums: liner notes, lyrics, funny stories and what-not. If that’s your racket, then here’s your ticket, Cricket! We put this page here because many kats and kits have complimented the lyrics and stories within the songs. This page is a gateway on a guided tour of the Modern Throwbacks’ repertoire, or you can choose whichever song you wish. Your call (its a free [nominally] country, is it Not!).

“Get Out of My Way”
A hard rocking blues-jumper and our Signature Track. Road rage has never been so much fun!  

“No Where or Bust”
The Rat-Rod Road Trip from hell, based on a true story. Almost a prequel to “Get Out Of My Way”; same feel, same rhythm, same key — but a totally different adventure. Listen for yourself.

This Page In Progress

We’re adding content all the time, so be sure to come back, now… ya’ hear?

Okay, an admission; all of our songs are based on a “true” story — even in Billy’s own mind.