Going Through some RADICAL Changes!

Suffice it to say that because the Modern Throwbacks has lost another drummer, Billy ‘The Jack’ (in a rare burst of wisdom) has given up front-manning to another more qualified to the task, in order to be the final drummer — the ONLY drummer — for the Throwbacks. Details are forthcoming about the new voice of the Modern Throwbacks: Leon Barickman.

…and now back to the old website…

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The Modern Throwbacks is The Most Radical Band in the Twin Cities!

The Modern Throwbacks are So Radical, They Had to Invent Our Own Genre: Psycho-BOOGIE!
If the Stray Cats and AC-DC had a Bastard Child, Billy ‘The Jack’ and the Modern Throwbacks would be that baby!

Video Live at POV’s – Summer 2012

One of the very few [original] bands in which I cannot say, ‘sounds like _______’

Billy ‘The Jack’ (second cousin to Mack ‘The Knife’) concocted the Modern Throwbacks’ tasty sound by using only the highest quality rock and roll ingredients: fast, swingin’ beats… riff-based hard rock guitars… Motown bass-lines… and a dash of whimsy for that special flavor!